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Autumn/Winter Outfit Inspiration

Hiya! Welcome back to another post! With a new season comes new outfits, today I am going to show you some of the outfits I have worn, and hopefully, you’ll get inspired! This is going to be an Autumn and Winter post in one, as the temperatures dropped insanely fast, so I quickly found my…… Continue reading Autumn/Winter Outfit Inspiration

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Summer Bucket List Revisited *2018*

Hello everyone! Summer has officially ended, the temperature is dropping, and the schoolwork is piling up; yup summer is over. But hey, we are already spending so much time focusing at school and work, why not think of something a little more uplifting? I managed to do that my revisiting my 2018 summer once again,…… Continue reading Summer Bucket List Revisited *2018*


The Dangers of Creative Hobbies

Having creative hobbies sometimes feels like walking on a thin rope, between two buildings, 100 feet above the ground. One misstep and you’re falling down. Can you relate to that? Because I can. Let me elaborate a little on that statement. Most of my hobbies are considered creative; I love to draw, to photograph, to…… Continue reading The Dangers of Creative Hobbies