What should I call my readers?? Travelers because we’re on a journey? You know what, for now you’ll be my beloved readers until anyone comes up with a better idea.

Anyway my name is Sharon, I’m an 18 year old Dutch girl. It is nice to meet you!
I have always loved to write, mainly stories but then I thought why not a blog? A friend of mine happened to have the same thought and so Noobbellas was born. However the time has come to stand on my own: and then this blog was born.

In my spare time I love to, obviously, write, but also photograph, visit themeparks, review, read, draw and dance. You will see some of these things in blog post every now and then!

As I have said before, I am not a native English speaker. Therefore I might make mistakes. Don’t be afraid to point them out to me, I’d love to learn from my mistakes! Oh and I’d love to hear from you guys, so don’t be afraid to comment! I don’t bite.

Have a great reading time!