[Ronna Talks] September: Favourites & Monthly Goals

Hello everybody,

It is time for another monthly overview. Wow, September flew by for me, can you relate? Not even a month ago I was still walking around in shorts and tank tops, and now I’m wearing sweaters. As much as I like the aesthetic of Autumn, I really don’t like the actual Autumn (a.k.a rain, wind, cold, trains not driving, no sun for days). So yea, I am not ready for Autumn yet, are you?


  • MAC Lipstick – I have owned this one for a while, yet I don’t wear it that often (because I suck at taking care of my lipstick) but I fell in love with it again! Especially since it is such an Autumn colour! I feel so confident when wearing red lipstick!
  • Skam [TV show] – I am obsessed. This series is so good, I swear! I don’t care about any of the remakes, go watch the original version! (and then watch all of the other versions because it’s actually an alternate universe so you can sorta rewatch the series again 😀 ) I haven’t been able to think about anything else in weeks hahaha, somebody save me.
  • My ”Huispak” I don’t think there is a proper translation for this, correct me if I’m wrong though, but a Huispak basically is some kind of pyjama, but made out of onesie materials. I’ll include a picture, if there is an actual name for it, please let me know in the comments!
  • From Now On by the Greatest Showman cast [Music] – I have had Rewrite the stars, The Greatest Show and This is me on repeat for weeks, but for some reason, I kind of forgot about From Now on? Well, until recently! It is such a feel good song, it literally gives me goosebumps and energy (especially during the ”And we will come back home” part)

September Happenings

I can describe September in one month: School :’) All my spare time is being sucked up by school, and okay it is also partially my fault as I cannot concentrate before or after school (my classes are during the middle of the day ._. )

I participated in a drawing but had to quit due lack of time. It was loads of fun anyway because I finally drew again! Every day, for a whole week!

Books I’ve Read

Starters by Lissa Price    3,5/5 stars

Stay tuned for the book review!

Previous Goals

  1. Speak more English  Okay here is the thing: I have been speaking more in English, it just isn’t the amount I had in mind, so therefore I coloured this one orange.
  2. Sport 2 times a week Check! I honestly enjoy working out (say whaattt?) Okay I like the feeling of accomplishment once I trained, but so far it has been going great!
  3. Back to eating fruit every day Fruit, what’s that? Yea, I used to eat a piece of fruit whenever I came home after a day of school, but now that is around 7:30 pm, so then I’ll skip the piece of fruit and eat my dinner haha. It is an awful excuse, I know
  4. Back to drinking a glass of water every day I feel like I was better at eating fruit and water when I was still using my Bullet Journal… Hmmm
  5. Drive more I don’t even have time to do anything besides school, so I obviously didn’t drive around for fun…

Ouch. First I failed my summer bucket list, now I have been unable to complete my monthly goals… Good job Sharon.

October Goals

  1. Eat fruit every day! Winter is coming and I need to build up the immune system!
  2. Drink more water! Because water is better than Iced tea (although it definitely doesn’t taste better!)
  3. Drink more overall I gotta try harder to stay hydrated because I’ve been failing at that lately
  4. Do something out of my comfort zone My life has been the same every day ever since I started school again. It is time to do something differently!
  5. Breathe Even though every day seems to be the same at the moment, it still is overwhelming. I need to remind myself to take it a little easy every now and then.

How was your September? Did you achieve your goals?




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