My holiday in Croatia

Hello, everyone!

Like said in my previous post, I went to Croatia with my friends! This was my first time way without my parents, but I’m happy to say that everything went well! I am currently writing this in between my next holiday: Europapark! So be prepared for another trip report! Oh and last but not least: These are MY pictures! I do not want to see them anywhere else!


Day 1

On Thursday the 20th of July we would take off to the lovely Croatia. Pula to be exactly. The evening before was very stressful for me because of fires in Pula. We flew with CityJet in a small airplane. This was my second time flying so I was a bit nervous. Everything went well though and when we arrived there was not a single sight of fires!

We had booked everything at Beachmasters, which is specific for teens/young adults. Our travel guide was waiting for us at the airport. Together with other groups from different companies, we took the transfer bus to Poreč. It was a 45-minute bus ride.

For the next 8 days we would stay at Appartements Astra, which was located next to a camping. The apartments were exactly what we needed. It was small, but we did not plan to spend a lot of time in the apartments. The only disadvantage was that we had to walk through the ‘garden’ of our neighbours as the apartments were placed efficiently so they could place more apartments. I’m sorry for the family who was in that apartment, but at the same time, they were lucky because we’re not the extremely loud and partying kind of people.

Our first day started off great, we walked around, had a small photoshoot during sunset and then we went on to the local beach where we discovered would be many activities. This evening there was a pretty big stage performance with rock covers and professional dancer. The evening ended with massive fireworks. Needles to say we had an amazing first day.

Croatia 13

Day 2 

Our day started early because of the many seagulls that we’re screaming. I swear, seagulls are the weirdest animals. Sometimes they just stared at the ground for minutes. Very entertaining though, we had our own seagull and named him Henk, later we discovered that Henk was a female and that Henk had a baby. On the roof across. That explained the noises.

The apartments are located in Zelena Laguna. We took a 15-minute bus trip for 15 Kuna to get to Poreč. There we had a meeting with our tour guide. She went on and on about wild parties and stuff, but like said none of us is into that so that was awkward. In the end, we booked an excursion to Aquacolors and that was it. There was one party they offered that seemed amazing, The Full moon party, but some of the group found it a bit too expensive (26 euros, only entry) I myself was in doubt together with another friend, it did seem amazing, yet it was expensive. In the end we didn’t do it and honestly I kind of regret that right now. Oh well.

After the meeting we walked around in Poreč. Poreč Is not very big, it has many tourist shops, a few monumental buildings, pubs and clubs, and many boat rides. In the end we had only seen the Euphrasia Basilica, which has a clock tower with an amazing view over Poreč! I’d really recommend visiting, it’s only 40 kunas I believe. Or 30 I’m not sure.


In the afternoon we went back to Zelena Laguna and made the mistake to skip the bus and walk back. Google said it was a 50-minute walk, but I did not believe that because the bus was only 15 minutes. Boy, I was wrong. It was warm and it did take 50 minutes in the end. However at Zelena Laguna the very fresh sea was waiting for is.  The beach we stayed at was a rock/pebble beach so water shoes are recommended! The water has a nice temperature, only the first dip was cold haha! We ended our day by sitting on a terrace. The plan was to go back to Poreč to watch a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute, but nobody really felt like going. Our buts were too comfortable on the terrace.

Day 3

Today we would go to Aquacolors, a waterpark on a walking distance of 21 minutes. We had to be there at 10 AM & quickly discovered that Google Maps send us on a no existent pathway. To be precise it was a horse trail. Where a horse can walk a human can right? The waterpark itself was amazing and offered 13 waterslides, a wave pool, a lazy river (with waves in it ass soon as the wave pool turns on!), and a child’s area. Caution though! The floor gets very hot. Flipflops or water shoes are a must if you do not want to burn your feet! That evening we went for a walk, our tour guide has hinted us a sand beach but we did not find that and eventually ended up on the camping. It was getting dark by then which resulted in an amazing vibe.


Day 4

The next day was a weird day. Our plan was to visit the Baredine caves or visit Pula, as it was a Sunday and we could only find out information about going to the caves on a normal weekday. As soon as we arrived in Poreč, we got to know why: There is no bus to the Baredine caves on Sunday. Beside that we missed the bus to Pula and would have to wait 3 hours for the next bus. Taxi it was. Neither of us had every arranged a taxi by themselves, we ended up on a taxi station where a dude asked us if we needed a taxi. After we said yes he walked away, we thought he would arrange a driver because he just parked his own car there. But no he came back and said he’d be our taxi. Uhm creepy much. After arranging a price, because we’re that stupid to agree, he led us to a black bus. Apparently it had a taxi sign at the top, I did not see that, my friends did however so it got even creepier. With our google maps on we ended up going with him and he started talking and stuff. Eventually he asked if this was our first time in Poreč, we said yes and guess what. He replied: ”Yeah mine too I’m from Zagreb.” He did however bring us to the caves as we asked, handed us a taxi card ( we googled it and it was an actual taxi company) and so we arrived the caves. In the end we can laugh about it but it could have gone wrong so badly. I don’t think the bottle filled with ice in my backpack could have saved us if it did went wrong.

Anyway, the caves itself were amazing. The tour part wasn’t very big, it only took us 40 minutes but they have so called ‘aliens’ (living fossils) After 270 steps down, we had to take 270 steps back up. A good way to get some exercise am I right?

Day 5

This would be a rest day, we spend our day at the beach until it started to rain. We wanted to either see performances in Poreč (Poreč open air is all summer with free stuff like concerts, outdoor cinema, acrobats and stuff it’s all free!) or we wanted to see the musical performance at the beach. Unfortunately both we’re cancelled.

IMG_0525Croatia29Day 6

Unlike the day before, today we had to get up early. Our trip to Pula was planned today! For 88 Kuna (very cheap that’s all I can say about it) We took the bus from Poreč to Pula. Unlike our transfer bus this bus took us 2 hours to get there. According to reviews, Pula wasn’t that special either. They were right. Even though it is way bigger than Poreč, there we’re only 3 monuments we wanted to see. The amphitheatre was the most impressive thing of the 3. The plan was to go kayaking, but laziness took over and we ended up lying down on a patch of grass. After walking around in the city obviously. Besides we did not have enough time before our bus back would leave.

IMG_0575Croatia 33

Back in Poreč, the weather had turned bad again. It rained a little but there was a lot of wind. Our waiter even talked about a tsunami (something we probably misheard no worries) There wasn’t an actual Tsunami, but the waves were hitting the shore pretty hard. Resulting in awesome pictures!

Day 7

Another swimming day. At our local beach there also was an inflatable water jump castle (I literally have no idea how these things are called) Half an hour was enough for me. It is pretty exhausting and with the age of 18 I had pretty soon seen enough of it. The big slide and the platform where you could jump down from was the most fun!



That evening we went back to Poreč because we wanted to see The Little Prince in the outdoor cinema. Both me and another friend had to read The Little Prince for our France lessons, we were curious about the movie. And wow what a great movie! It might be an animation, but it is very deep, it has a Pixar vibe and we were all very close to crying during several scenes. I recommend this movie so much if you are a Disney fan!



Day 8 was only for souvenir shopping and our travel back. So I will leave that out. This has once again turned waaaay to long, so if you’ve read everything, you earn a medal! Thank you for reading, If you have any questions about travelling in Croatia feel free to ask them in the comments! I had a great vacation, I hope you did too, whether you travelled or stayed home!



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