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60 Things to do in Summer

Hello everyone!

For me summer has already started. The weather in the Netherlands however is not ready for summer yet. But hey next week I’m going to Croatia and the weather forecast is already waaaay better. For those stuck in a country with rain, don’t worry, I will include things to do inside! Hope this list is useful!

For when the sun shines
1.  Have a waterfight
2. Go longboarding
3. Go surfing
4. Spend a day at the beach
5. Watch a movie outside
6. Create your own icecream
7. Or if you don’t like that test the icecream in your town!
8. Volunteer
9. Or get a job!
10. Visit the local pool
11. Or travel to the nearest waterpark!
12. Go to the zoo
13. Visit a themepark
14. Wander around with a camera
15. Bicycle around somewhere (Fun idea: Make a list like this: 1st left, then take the 2nd right. Do you get what I mean?)
16. You can also do that with the train and see wherever you end up.
17. Host a garden party
18. Go paddleboarding
19. Have a bonfire
20. Be a tourist in your own city/town/country
21. Read
22. Have a photoshoot with friends
23. Make a short movie with friends
24. Do some gardening!
25. Go canoeing
26. Have a sleepover….in your garden
27. Or sleep outside by yourself!
28. Make a carwash
29. Babysit and take the kids (if they’re old enough) To a farm or a playground
30. Have a paintfight

And for when it doesn’t
31. Play an old game like Zootycoon
32. Or have a game night
33. Practice a choreography
34. Edit your pictures
35. Draw
36. Have a spa day
37. Have a movie marathon
38. Make a travel diary
39. Practice calligraphy
40. Bake something
41. Make a summer playlist
42. Create outfits on Polyvore
43. Or search for inspiration on Pinterest
44. Bingewatch series
45. Blog
46. Follow new blogs
47. Clean the house
48. Rearrange your room
49. Play Karaoke
50. Go shopping. (It will be less busy and be honest, you’re mostly in the stores anyway)
51. Sort your clothes, haven’t worn it in a long time? Sell it
52. Visit your grandma & grandpa
53. Or your parents if you do not live with them anymore
54. Write a story
55. D.I.Y day
56. Try something new. For example a hair cut
57. Karaoke day
58. Have a photoshoot in the rain for that drama effect
59. Learn a new language
60. Or learn to play an instrument!

Well I hope you will have a little bit more inspiration after this list! And I hope you all will have a great summer! Let me know your summer plans in the comments!




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