Rimmel Wonderfull 1 Waterproof mascara review


Hello everyone,

I am back with another mascara review! This time its Rimmel Wonderfull 1 the Waterproof version. I have bought this one for €14,99 at Kruidvat. This mascara consists out of Argan Oil which is there to take care of your eyelashes because of the amount of Vitamin E.

The main reason why I bought this one is the Argan Oil, but I decided to buy this specific one because it is waterproof. I prefer waterproof since it happens to rain a lot in the Netherlands. And I’m one of those people that wear mascara when swimming.

Anyway, I give this Rimmel Mascara 3 stars.  Why? Because it is very minimal. Personally, I prefer the false lash effect mascara’s because I like to have long and full lashes, this mascara does not provide that. As you can see on the pictures you can barely tell the difference. So if you’re in the natural make up, this one will be perfect. If you want your lashes to pop? I’d recommend looking further.


My lashes without Mascara


My lashes with Mascara


Now I did not really notice any effect of the Argan Oil, but I’m sure it will do its job. Another thing I did not really notice was the fact that this mascara is supposed to be waterproof. To test it, I showered with my make-up still on. Now I understand that it is quite heavy to survive a shower but the results were drastic. My previous mascara did survive the shower, so I have to say that this one has failed the Waterproof test.


Waterproof test


To conclude, The Rimmel Wonderfull 1 black waterproof is for the people that want to achieve a natural makeup

look. If you buy this one just because it is waterproof you should really pick another one as it isn’t very waterproof. I don’t recommend this one, but it isn’t a bad mascara, it just isn’t what I am looking for.

Have you ever used this mascara? If so, what did you think?




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