Monthly Goals

Ronna Talks: June

Hello everyone!

Welcome in July! This year is going so fast stop the time haha! I just realized that I will be 20 next year which kind of frightens me more than it should. Besides I still have to turn 19 this year so perhaps I should focus more on that.


  • Photoshop: I have been using Photoshop for year now, but I’m becoming more and more exited about it because of my photomanipulation account on Instagram. (account name is Animositas)  You can do so much with the program I love it!
  • The song Thunder by Imagine Dragons, which is kinda funny because I didn’t really like i at first but I now feel like a badass when listening to it (I actually like most songs on Evolve)
  • Writing! Yes I wrote again yesterday and mainly because it was an amazing scene to write, I absolutely enjoyed writing again! I’m also less insecure about this chapter because I don’t think it is as boring as the others (I still have to figure out how to make it less boring)

June Events


This month was pretty intense for me. I had a few birthday parties, got lessons in the basics of housekeeping, I also had this big dance performance to finish the season. At first I did not really feel like going, but in the end it was a lot of fun. The dances went pretty well even if I say so myself! Another big event this month were my results and I’m delighted to say that I PASSED! My life will now head into the English Teacher route. Where I had to take Cambridge tests for at my new school: I’ll get the result in 10 days, so I’m very curious but fortunately they can’t deny me on the results of that test.

Another fun event was that I went surfing which also was loads of fun, and I finally managed to stand on the board! Last but not least I got new glasses. Whoo! I can finally see sharp again. Hopefully my eyes won’t change as fast again..

Books read

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare    4/5
Will write a review on this one soon!

Previous goals

  1. Do something with others at least once a week. Did that!
  2. Be more helpful I did whenever I could! (helping a man with his train card for example 😀 )
  3. Go to the hairdresser Its still dead af…. But I am going soon with a friend!
  4. Bake I did not have the ingredients & time, but fortunately we bought a new oven so I can now also bake at my moms place!
  5. Hopefully pass my final exams.  This literally is the highlight of my month!

July goals

  1. Bake. I am not going to let this one pass without happening.
  2. Start a photography account. On Instagram to be more clear. I’d like to do more with photography and perhaps an account will help + I no longer will annoy the followers on my personal accounts with 100 animal pictures.
  3. Train again. I found another training that I wanted to do 2 a week also because my Dance lessons are over and because I want to get in a better shape. Like not tired at the top of the stairs shape 😉
  4. Hit 600 followers on my other Instagram account. I need only 2 more followers on my other account (I might have too many accounts x3) mortalfandcms
  5. Put more effort in my blogposts. The past 2 months I have been a bit lazy when it comes to blogging. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love writing blogpost but I tend to skip the second reading and creating a banner…

I’m ready for July, are you? Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next Saturday!



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