Is the Haunted Mansion Haunted?

Hello everyone!

It is time again for creepy stories as you seemed to like my recent post: Abandoned Disney’s River Country Therefore I decided to make a post about the most haunted ride at Disney! The Haunted Mansion.


The first story is a pretty famous one: Ghost boy. It is said that a little boy rides the Haunted Mansion all by himself. Whilst in fact there is no little boy. Ghost boy has been captured on camera whilst peering behind him. The picture is said to have been taken without a flash. Besides the person taking the picture has said that there wasn’t a little boy at all in the 20 persons in front of them in line. Perhaps this boy is one of the ashes that have been spreaded over the years in the ride. Seriously people do that.

Another thing that often occurs at the Haunted Mansion are the sounds of footsteps. Many castmember have admitted to have heard them. Which is sometimes impossible. You see castmembers can be all alone in the loading section. The guests come in groups when it isn’t crowded and there always is this little break between the groups: Because of the stretching room. A common thing is that it is usually at night, near closing time and the cast members are usually alone. Also whilst I was looking up information about ghost stories, I discovered that the Haunted Mansion (correct me if I’m wrong but in both Disneyland, Disneyland Paris (Phantom Manor) and Walt Disney World) has two stretching rooms!

Beside footsteps at the same place there have also been sights of ghosts. For example a man with a cane. He has been seen sitting in one of the doombuggy’s, once again only castmember alone have confirmed this. Many have tried to speak with him, but he never responds and simply dissapears with the doombuggy in the ride. When asking other colleages about the man (The ones controlling the stretching rooms) They always respond: We have not seen a man with a cane. Some castmembers have called their leads and waited until the man would come out of the ride, only to find the doombuggy empty.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor stretching roomAnother story is about the stretching room in Disneyland. One employee once had to load the stretching room. Now the stretching room can only go up when a cast member goes with it in the stretch room (imagine having to stand there all by yourself) Surprisingly the stretching room once went up without a cast member in it. Which should be impossible due safety reasons. So the loading castmember contacts the one downstairs (also because they weren’t ready for loading yet) to ask why they went so fast without warning the elevator would go up. The castmember downstairs was so confused because they did not send the elevator up.

Last but not least the same cast member had another story of working on the Haunted Mansion. She once had a behind the scenes tour with other castmembers. When they were in there ther guide suddenly had to leave for something telling them to wait and wait. Now it took so long that the group walked back and checked the security cameras to see if there guide was anywhere to be seen. He was not but a technician was, so one of them went back in the ride to see if he had seen their guide. The others waited because the guide could return. When the castmember was with the technician she just looked around before going back to the security cameras. The others immediately asked what the technician said, but the castmember that went in said that there wasn’t a technician at all.

Now the last two stories come from a Youtube video that unfortunately have been deleted. I was going to include the link because the video had the most creepy stories in it. But obviously I can’t anymore 😦

I hope you liked this post! If you want to read more about abandoned places and ghost stories please let me know in the comments! Have a nice weekend!




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