Monthly Goals

Ronna Talks: May

Hello there,

Wow what is this year going by fast! So much has happened this month for me. Perhaps that is why it literally flew by. How was your May?


Why again did I think favourites were a good thing to post every month? Probably because many people do so, but I honestly don’t have a favourite again this week. I haven’t really ‘discovered’ something new unfortunately.

May Events

Berlijn8.jpgSo what has happened in my life for those who care: Well, I had my final exams, so I basiucally spent this entire month learning. I think they went okay with the ecxeption for Math… Right after my final exams I went to Berlin which was amazing! I will post a review next week on that! Last but not least I passed my driving theory, so I’m 1 step closer to getting my drivingslicense and I also went Lasergaming. Which is literally the only thing I’m willing to run for haha. Oh and believe it or not I went out for the first time (How old are you again? 18 for real? yep.) I had a great time, but I”m not for the ‘drink until you forget’ and ‘let’s all dance in each others comfort zones and smell like sweat’. Last but not least: THE EUROVISION WAS THIS MONTH WHOO!!

Books read

Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater    2/5
I will write a review on this book! c:

Previous Goals

  1. Take bookstagram pictures outsidee. Guess what… It freaking rained & I didn’t have much time. It’s postponed until after Manon’s holiday. Not making anymore promises tho!
  2. Bake. I can only bake on the weekends (my mums oven is broken) and I had 0 time then…
  3. Pass my driving theory. I’m so happy and surprised to have passed this in one go!
  4. Use my Bullet Journal more. Didn’t do
  5. Also play a game on my Playstation. I did….oh wait that was today and I’m writing this on June 1st…

This month didn’t happen okay πŸ˜‰

June Goals

  1. Do something with others at least once a week. My summer holiday has kinda started and I want to do stuff.
  2. Be more helpful This has a long story so I recommend reading my upcoming post of my Berlin trip (will be posted on Saturday 10th of June)
  3. Go to the hairdresser My own hairdresser recently has gotten a baby so my hair hasn’t been cut in a looong time.
  4. Bake I still want to make Trdelniks.
  5. Hopefully pass my final exams.  For obvious reasons

So that was my month. Once again don’t be shy and let me know about your month in the comments! I’d love to get to know you guys a little better!




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