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My Eurovision top 10 songs

Hello everyone,

(Repost because the WordPress app did something wrong) I know the Eurovision actually was last week but I really wanted to make a top 10. For all the Americans who hoped this Eurovision drama was over: I’m sorry, I’ll promise this will be the only Eurovision post of me this year! Hope you’ll like it!

  1. Moldova – Hey Mamma by Sunstroke Project

It is the saxophone guy okay. Isn’t that enough said? No beside that this one is my number one because it it extremely catchy. Yeah the lyrics aren’t really that deep but this is the Eurovision we’re talking about. Beside that can we talk about the preformance? That dance and the way the backvocals change their dresses is amazing haha.

  1. Bulgaria – Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov

Okay look at him. Isn’t he precious? Yeah and now listen to his goddamn voice. I’m literally swooning over it. He’s only 17 and is preforming on the Eurovision, he literally became 2nd and meanwhile I’m 18 and I’m just sitting in my room. The song is sung with so much power I love it.

  1. Croatia – My friend by Jacques Houdek

Now before all of you are going to send m hate messages: I am aware of the homophobic title this singer has. This however is only based on the songs. So I like the song. It doesn’t mean that I like the singer alright? Now why do I like this song? It is a freaking duet with one person and honestly the difference between the ‘high’and the ‘low’ part is amazing.

  1. Romania – Yodel it by Ilinca ft. Alex Florea

I never though yodeling would sound this good in a song. This song is so creative and besides it is very catchy which makes it a fun song to listen to. It lifts the mood immediately!

  1. Sweden – I can’t go on by Robin Bengtsson

Just like most of the others this song is in my top 10 because it’s very catchy. Besides I also really liked the preformance. The treadmill made it look so awesome. I do not quite understand why they’re in suits tho haha.

  1. Belarus – Story of my life – Naviband

THE STORY OF MY LIFE IT TAKE HER HOME….wAIT  wrong song hehe. Anyway this is one of the most cheerful songs of the evening don’t you agree? I also like that they sun gin their own language because it adds a little bit of mystery because I can’t understand it. Besides they are so cute and the scenere was pretty!

  1. Cyprus – Gravity by Hovig

This is a pop song I’d actually enjoy listening to on the radio. The song is so underrated! The melody is nice and I also like the lyrics! I especially liked the chorus!

  1. The Netherlands – Lights and Shadows by OG3NE

No this is not because I’m Dutch. In fact I usually don’t like the Dutch songs. Like what the hell was ‘birds’ supposed to be? It could go into an horror right away. This song also took me a while to actually like. I had to listen to it multiple times, mainly because I am not really into the multiple voices throughout ALL of the song. I really like it at the end, but this was the whole song. But to be honest they have really good voices!

  1. The United Kingdom – Never give up on you by Lucie Jones

Her voice is amazing! She really can sing! That and I absolutely loved the lyrics. Prefomance wise I absolutely loved the stars/glitter in the background. For some reason it made the power of her voice and song more visible.

  1. Belgium – City lights – Blanche

Last but not least our neighbors Belgium. This is also a song I had to listen multiple times before enjoying it. It mostly is the last part that made me love this song, but the beginning also has this mysterious atmosphere what I loved. She has a very unique voice. Yes I was also one of those persons to think it was a guy at first, but honestly it makes me very happy to see her preform this song as I also have a bit of a low voice.

These were my top 10 favourites preformances of the Eurovision 2017. What was your top 10?




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