Monthly Goals

Ronna talks: April


Not to be negative or anything but damn this April did not feel like April. The temperatures are still around the 8 degrees with the exeption of a few days. As a summer person I do not like this. But enough about the week haha let’s just hope that May will be better.


Yes I went shopping TWICE and therefore I have some favourites, mainly clothes tho and they’re IMG_9746Favourite_1mostly for summer but hey. At least I am prepared 😉
* Flowery top from New Yorker
* Striped blouse from Primark
* Pimple cream
* Photoshop
* The song Periscope by Papa Roach ft. Skylar Grey

Unfortunately I could not add a picture of my favourite pieces of clothes, because they are still wet from washing them… Perhaps I could make a haul? I don’t know if anyone would be interested? and If so video or pictures?

April Events

On the very first day of this month I had a brithday party, I love birthday parties okay. This also shows me that I need to hang out more with friends. Besides I had my last actual schoolday in this month. Now all that is left, are the final exams. So my life basically exists out of studying lately. Oh well I went shopping twice so I’m sure I’ll find some more free time.
Besides 13 Reasons why happened and Disneyland Paris turned 25 years! (wish I could have been there)

Books Read

Slated by Teri Terry                         2/5 stars
Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell     4/5 stars

I will write a review on both books so keep an eye out if you are interested!

Old Goals

  1. Finish my drawing It is finished and I’m happy with the result!
  2. Sign up for university This is also official right now, which kinda scares me.
  3. Take bookstagram pictures outside EVERYTHING WOULD HAVE BEEN GREEN IF THE WEATHER WAS BETTER OH MY GOD. I’m going next week though 🙂
  4. Write again I even worked on two of my stories.
  5. Be more active on this Disney forum I posted one comment allright, it’s scary but I’m getting there xD

May Goals

  1. Take bookstagram pictures outsidee. Because I know this will happen 🙂
  2. Bake. I’m having baking feelings (they’re very rare haha) so use these feelings
  3. Pass my driving theory. This will be a tricky one because I have my theory at the end of this month and it is not guaranteed if I pass it straightaway.
  4. Use my Bullet Journal more. The Past month has many empty spaces because I did not use my journal oops. It took me so much time to make it so I have to use it properly!
  5. Also play a game on my Playstation. I havent touched my Playstion since 2016 I think.. And it has problems starting whenever I haven’t used it in a long time.

How was your April? Did anything fun happen? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear what you have done this month!



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