How to study

Hello everyone,

Finals are coming or at least they are for the people in the Netherlands. Obviously a lot of studying has to be done, therefore I thought; Let’s give some tips on studying. I’m sure we can all need them.

  1.  Tastudy, school, and college afbeeldingke a good break
    And hereby I do not mean sit back, grab your phone and browse the internet because we all know you also do that during the studying. At least I am guilty of it. No, by a good break I mean leave your room, go outside to get a fresh breath of air or exercise. This will be a stressfull period and every now and then it is good to refresh your mind, as I would like to call it.
  2. No phones
    And if you’re like me, easily distracted, put your phone away. I know some of you might say oh but I’ll study anyway so it is not a big deal if my phone stays here, this is also something I say, but sometimes it is better to just put it away.  You might not get distracted at the beginning but eventually when you’re working on your last subject of the day you will get distracted more easily.
    I read this so often on Instragram; people that don’t sleep and study. If you’re one of these persons shame on you. I REPEAT DO NOT STUDY ALL NIGHT. It it a waste of time and your grades won’t go up! Obviously sleep is very important but did you know that you’re processing everything in your sleep? For example: if you have studied and you just do not really memorize it, you might actually remember it the next morining because that is the magic that is called sleep. Your brain needs processing time. Besides it is stupid to sit at your finals fighting sleep. In conclusion, if you have studied all night it is 1, a big waste of time 2. you’ll be too tired to remember anything 3. your grade will be worse. Just please get enough sleep. Health comes first
  4. Songs without lyrics
    Most humans don’t like to be in complete silence. It’s okay if you do though and this is totally something that goes with your preferences. If you do not like complete silence, try listening to songs without lyrics. For example the music of a movie. I like to listen to the How to Train Your dragon, The Lion King and the Harry Potter Score. Besides I also like to listen to songs from the PianoGuys but this one is more likely to distract you as they mostly play songs that actually do have lyrics and you might go and think of the lyrics yourself anyway when hearing the instrumental version.
  5. Summarize
    I always write summaries. I first write them all out, and whilst I’m doing so I basically read everything out loud. That helps me memorize it. When I have everything summarized I get my markers and go through it all over again , this time marking important stuff. This does take a lot of time therefore it is important to actually plan everything otherwise you might realise the dat before the exam that you’re not finished. Oh and I’d recommend writing it all out instead of typing. In my opinon it is more efficient.
  6. Explain the information to someone else
    Whenever I don’t understand something or whenever I think something is completely useless (read: Can’t memorize is because it doesn’t seem important at all but it actually is) I always ‘complain’ about it to someone else. Mostly my parents or friend. I explain the whole thing and somehow it stays in my mind as that one thing you did not get and you told everyone.
  7. Make sure you also have some free space
    I have made a planning for the upcoming 3/4 weeks. Everyday i’ll have to study (with the exeption of a few days where I have planned to go somewhere) This might seem like a lot but it’s actually spreading the information like butter. Little bits everydau (unfortunately I started too late and these little bits are bigger but you get the point) If I get up at a reasonable hour, i’ll have time to study and do something I like! It is not exactly healthy to only focus on your work. You should do something you like as well because we do not want to become stressed do we?
  8. Practise an actual final exam
    I don’t know how this works in other countries. But in the Netherlands we have acces to all of the finals taken before is. Therefore there is plenty of meaterial to practise. By doing so you’ll know what exercies you found hard and have to take a look at again, you’ll know if you’re fast enough and you’ll know what it is like to focus on one subject for so long. No obviouslt it might happen that you totally screw one, just don’t get stressed okay? This happens. This has happened to me. I had a 4 in a subject I was so good at. It was just that one test that didn’t go well. Some years are slightly more difficult than others (again idk if this applies to other countries) and you’ll see that your own exam is way easier!
  9. Post it notes
    I like to write a summary of my summary on sticky notes the day before the actual exam. This way I’m repeating it all again by writing it down and again by saying it out loud. Then I put the note somewhere visible. Now i usually put then on my whiteboard however my sister puts them in the toilet. Which is actually a great place because you’re just sitting there anyway, multiple times a day.
  10. Get a little creative
    Summarising is way more fun when you add doodles that have to do with the subject. Banners and fancy title will make everything look more organizes. You could also turn your summary into one of your favourite songs!

I hope these tips will make your study process a bit easier. Everyone has his own studt style so these might not all work for you, but that is something you’ll have to figure out. Goodluck on all of your tests and hang in there you can do this!



2 thoughts on “How to study

  1. No phones is such a key, and I’m totally bad at it. I’ll literally power down my phone and hide it somewhere in my room so I’m not tempted! Great tips, I’ll have to use them all!


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