Trip: The Efteling

Hello everyone,

davI have already told you in my Monthly post that I have been to the Efteling! The Efteling is a Dutch themepark located in Kaatsheuvel. It’s the biggest themepark of the Netherlands. The park is almost 65 years old. The most iconic part of the park is the fairytale forest nevertheless it has a few amazing rides. Unfortunately I did not bring my camera therefore the quality is not as good and some pictures will be taken from google.

Our day started early, and by ‘our’ I mean 4 of my friends and I. We had to travel 3 hours to the park and we wanted to be there when it opened. Which was at 9AM. It would be a busy day because there was an event. This however did not stop us. In the end we arrived around 11AM because our train was delayed. Well done NS… The weather did make it up for that. We had a sunny day and it was actually nice enough to put on my summercoat.

The first thing we went on were…the toilets haha. Well some did, I went later that day and I have to admit the toilets looked alright. They didn’t smell that bad and looked okayish so it’s safe to pee here haha.

Gerelateerde afbeelding
The cat/snake

Now the first big ride was the Fata Morgana. It is a darkride about the 1001 Arabian Nights. The ride itself takes about 8 minutes. There are 140 animatronics you will pass with your boat. Even though the ride is very old, it still looks amazing. Yes the animatronics are a bit dated (in their movements only, The Efteling is very up to date with masks)  However there are so many details in the decors it is so impressive. I have been on this ride for so many times yet I’m still discovering new things. One of the most impressive things about this ride is the room that tilts sideways. Yes you go in it with your boat and the room tilts. This happens in the 13th scene or as I like to call it: The room with the cat/snake thing. Fun tip is to look backwards then you’ll see how the room is tilted!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de vliegende hollanderUp next was De Vliegende Hollander / The Flying Dutchman. A rollercoaster with a splash. It is not very intense but it is a bit dark so it might frighten children. It was this rides’ queue where we came to the conclusion that almost everything has a dark touch in the Efteling. That’s what I love about it though haha. This queue is enormous. It is well decorated and has some special effects to keep you entertained but you might consider to skip this one if the queue is visible from the outside. The ride is really short.

After de Vliegende Hollander we immediately went on to the next rollercoaster: Joris en de Draak aka Joris and the Dragon. This is my absolute favourite rollercoaster. It’s a dualing wooden coaster and it’s so fast I love it. Definitely a must ride in my opinion. You can choose the water track or the fire track. Both tracks have an interaction with a massive animatronic dragon. Unfortunately the dragon was broken on our trip and from previous experiences you do not really notice these interactions as you’re going too fast. However you can walk up to the dragon by simply going left after the exit.

Gerelateerde afbeelding
Here we see the ”shoulder straighteners” *Not my pic*

From one rollercoaster to the next one. The Efteling has a total of 8 rollercoasters. The Python was our 4th ride of the day. The Python is a double loop corkscrew coaster. This is one of the few rides that doesn’t really have a story or thematisation. Besides this rollercoaster isn’t that intense even though it has two loops and two corkscrews. The straps are horrible or well they’re comfortable during the ride but they’re awful on the lifthill and when in the brakes. Your shoulders are forced to be as straight as possible which is good for your posture but not really comfortable. During the ride itself they’re all right because of the movement.

Obviously there are many places to get food. We got some food at ”Station the East”. It is not going to get anymore Dutch than this moment when we got our food from the wall. Yep. It was nice though. With a little bit of hesitation we went on the Halve Maen (Crescent) a rockingboat. I used to love these rides when I was a kid. I laughed so much that my parents always told me that the entire park could have just heard me giggle. Unfortunately I am now 18 and I have been on many, many rides. Therefore the feeling that caused me to laugh did barely appear as it was not intense enough anymore. My absolute favourite ride has become boring over the years and to be honest that hurts me. I want to be able to enjoy them as much as I used to! This one does get bonus points tho because it goes up really high. Not everyone found it as boring as I did. Someone even throwed or almost throwed up at the end. All I saw was a man standing bent on a railing after the ride had ended. I did not wait to see what happened.

At this point we realised that we had 3 hours left before the park would close and with queues of 50 minutes we calculated that we could ride 3 or 4 more rides. So we went on to the ”Bobbaan” a bobsled rollercoaster. This is also a perfect family coaster that has its fast moments. PRO TIP: do not stretch your legs underneath the seat in front of you simply to close your strap closer! You will regret doing so like I did. My strap got stuck in this really tight position and with every bump my shin hit the seat in front of me. Hello there bruises…


Now comes a stupid mistake. We decided it would be fun to walk through the Fairytale forest towards the Vogelrok. I haven’t been in the Fairytale forest in years and my intuition said the exit will be on the right, and I wasn’t the only one. So all of us agreed to go to the right. We took the longest way possible and I’m surprised how big the forest actually is. Nevertheless we did get our iconic mushroom pic and deep down I enjoyed seeing these animatronics that fascinated me so much when I was younger (okay they still do especially the newer ones that are almost humans) Anyway after a longer than expected walk we ended up at Vogelrok wich translates to BirdSkirt. I also love this ride. Vogelrok is an indoor rollercoaster and you barely see anything exept from some birds. It goes quite fast especially in the back!

In the queue of the Vogelrok we discovered that some of our friends didn’t know what Villa Volta was. As a big fan of that ride and as a proud mother I wanted to show the house that spins which funfact is the first one in its kind. Every other themepark basically has to ask the premission of the Efteling to build the same ride (or well only the european parks have to get permission nowadays.) Annyway this ride is a madhouse and it has two preshows. They’re rather boring if you have heard them often enough and unfortunately they’re only in Dutch, but you can find the story in multiple languages outside in the queue. Don’t skip this one! It has an unique experience and is in my opinion the best madhouse that I have experienced. The music, the decor and the story just makes is magical even though the music will remain stuck in your head for the rest of your day 🙂


We had about 50 minutes left at this point, unfortunately. Last year the opened a new rollercoaster: Baron 1848, a divecoaster in which I didn’t dare to go on. Some went so another friend and I waited and took some pictures. Everyone came back enthusiastic but the ride was waay too short though. Please take a look at Phantasialand where every ride takes surprisingly long to end! We wanted to do Joris en de Draak again but unfortunately it was closed already.

These are most of the e-ticket rides at The Efteling. I wish we could’ve done Droomvlucht and the Piraña but the last one was closed. (It’s a rapid and it would open in april. We went in March) Nevertheless I had an amazing day! I love the Efteling and I even love just being there, tasting the atmosphere. Themeparkgeek alert haha.

I hope you liked this trip report. It turned out  little bit longer than I expected, so if you made it this far congratulations! See you next week!




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