L’oréal Colorista spray: Yay or Nay?

Hello everyone!IMG_9560Loreal2-1

Recently, I have bought the L’Oréal Colorista spray, a spray that colors your hair for 1 day. It seemed fun to try ths out, that’s why I have bought it. One spray costs €7,99. I bought the Lavender color therefore this review will be about the Lavender color, I don’t know whether or whether not the other colors are better. As you probably assumed this review is not positive, hence the top image. If you want to know why it isn’t positive, just read on!

IMG_9541Loreal-1First off, I bought one bottle because it isn’t that cheap and I thought yeah I probably won’t need more for just the bottom of my hair. Boy I was wrong. As I was spraying I noticed that one bottle would never be enough. I had only sprayed one side and that was barely visible so I was truly suprised when I moved on to the other side only to figure out it was empty already! The color was barely visible on any of the sides and the freaking spray was already empty!? Look for yourself to see how ‘colorful’ the Colorista spray is. Disspointing isn’t it?

This is what it ”would” look like..

But that is not all. After spraying my hair felt like a rope. It was so dry and it was tangling. Yes it did look very full ut it felt as if it was dead. I don’t want to see my hair after a full day with this stuff in it. The only good thing about it, is that it in fact does get out after only one shower.

My conclusion is that Colorista unfortunately does not provide the things it promises. Which is a shame because I’d love to have a color spray to color your hair for a single day or a few days. Yes you have wash out dye but that might leave a little bit of color. This seemed like the perfect solution however it definitely is a nay. Do you have any good color spray products? If so let me know in the comments! I hope you liked this review! See ya next week!



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