Monthly Goals

Ronna Talks: March

flowers, pink, and tulips afbeeldingHello!

The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and the sun is shining, well not always over here but you get what I mean, in other words: Spring has arrived! But hey we should also appreciate the winter otherwise spring would not be as pleasant 😉 Let’s take a look at this month, shall we?


I’m going to be completely honest, I barely have any favourites this month. Actualy I have none… This month consisted mostly out of studying so I had absolutely no time to discover anything new. But I’m really feeling like shopping therefore next months favourites will be a little bit more interesting! Perhaps I’d do a haul, if that’s interesting. Let me know in the comments!

March events

This month had an event where I have been looking forward to for over an half year: I went to the Efteling with my friends! If you don’t know the Efteling its basically The Netherlands biggest themepark and I loveeee themeparks. I’ll make a trip report about that soon where I’ll add some pictures.

I also had my first walk-along-day at university (and I also found out that the english word for HBO is university (of applied science) and that makes me feel special hmmkay. I always thought it was college. It’s complicated let’s move on. Anyway I got to see what a day in the life of an English teacher student is. I did not pick a good day because they didn’t have very interesting subjects that day but it was interesting and hereby I could get a taste of the atmosphere. It was better than expected and the class was lovely hopefully I’ll have a class like that as well. At the same time I’m not ready to leave my highschool hahaha.

Books read

The Fault in our Stars by John Green              4/5 stars
Reigntime by S.K Levy                                        3/5 stars
Maar buiten is het feest by Arthur Japin        4/5 stars
No and Me by Delphine de Vigan                     3/5 stars

Wow this is a record for me. It usually takes me 1 month to finish up one single book haha. It’s all because of school that I’m ahead of my reading goals. So far actually that i’m doubting whether or whether not I should change my goal…

Music on Repeat

Do you know that feeling when you want new songs so badly but there aren’t any?
I have been listening to Ed Sheerans album over and over to the point that I’ve heard enough. I need something new desperately.

Old Goals

  1. Train: I forgot that this was one of my goals… Otherwise I’d have continued or started again with the challenge as I missed a few of them. I trained for half a month hehe.
  2. Go outside and take pictures I did, not as I described (with my bike) But I went to Avifauna
  3. Finish the 2nd chapter of my book It’s up! 😀
  4. Study die hard I have never ever studied so much. For example an entire day for Math!? Unfortunately that only gave me around a 5.8 (it’s not sure yet) out of 10… Dissapointing
  5. Finish my drawing I did not even touch it,..

April goals

  1. Finish my drawing It’s obvious as I did not succeed this month.
  2. Sign up for university I was too late to sign up for a second change on two of my exams and this is even more important. It has to be done on time.
  3. Take bookstagram pictures outside I have continued my white theme but my inspiration is gone. Therefore I need a new theme and the weather is becoming better so why not outside?
  4. Write again A chapter a month would be nice for my two readers xD
  5. Be more active on this Disney forum Do you know that one group that have the same interest and all seem so cool that want to belong with them so badly. Yeah I do with this Disney Forum online where everyone seems to be just as obsessed with disney and Disney themeparks as I am and so far I have only read on there.

How was your month? Let me know in the comments!



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