Trip: Birdpark Avifauna!

Hello there!

Last Sunday I went to an animal park called Avifauna. It was my stepgrandmothers birthday so the plan was to lunch there and visit the park afterwards. I obviously had brought my camera so you can expect a few pictures! This has been my first trip of the year and my next one will be The Efteling at the end of this month! I will write a trip review about that later, so if you’re interested stay tuned!

Now the park. Avifauna is a small park with a few animals, mostly birds, and a huge playground. The park is located in the Dutch town: ‘Alphen aan den Rijn’. Like I have said, we first got some food, which was delicious. We had lunch at the self-service restaurant named ‘Casa Havana.” There were so many options. You want bacon? There is bacon. You want pancakes? There are pancakes. They had so much and it all tasted delicious! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures and I could not try everything as I got full rather quickly.

IMG_7166Vogel 22After our breakfast we went into the park. The sun was shining and the overall weather was nice. Due the bird flu not everything was open and some of the birds were held inside. The park looked neat, some of the enclosures were rather small though. I would have loved to see a enclosure taller than me so that the bird could fly more. There was enough space in my opinion. But they had to use that space for gardens or plain grass fields where you could walk through. Please give it to the birds! We already have enough space to walk right?
Anyway we started with birds, monkeys and guinea pigs. There was an outside enclore which was new but unfortunately the animals were inside. If the were outsider we could’ve walked right between them!

Up next were the vultures. And there were half eaten birds on the ground. At first we were like, is that supposed to lie there? Then we saw the others and quickly figured out that the Vultures had been fed recently. It was quite impressive to see them actually eating flesh. Could be a little scary for little kids as you could clearly see the carcasses but yeah that’s IMG_7155Vogel 17their food. That is nature. Once again I wish they had more space to fly around especially because of their size. .

After the Vultures we walked past some parakeets and my goodnes what a noise they can produce! And the colors of the parakeets were so lovely my grandmother even wondered if they were painted or something like that but no it is all natural! Two birds were cuddling and i’m so glad that I got that on camera! (Picture is at the top) We walked further and got to the ‘Tropenhal’ which is a building where they recreated a tropical climate. This was a building where you would walk right inbetween the birds. Unfortunately there was not a heater for you camera and glasses. So I ended up not being able to take any pictures because my lens was fogged and eventually I had to take off my glasses. They were fogged to.  There were also some staff members giving educational talks which was really interesting as they had all these props for example a (fake) bird head so that you could feel how heavy their beak is and fake eggs.Very interesting!

As soon as we left this building it started raining and it never stopped. I had to put my camera away and the birds all went inside so there was barely anything to see, which is understandable. Therefore we skipped a bunch of enclosures and went to another building where you could feed the parrots, the australian rainbowlorikeet! For 1 euro you could get a cup of nectar.The loris absolutely weren’t afraid. Within a matter of time one landed on my arm. It was an amazing experience and I absolutely recommend it. Watch out though as the birds do poop, I got shat on 2, almost 3 times. It was worth it haha!

Afterwards it was still raining and we basically had seen everything that was open, like said the park isn’t very big. We went to this indoor game hall were I could relive my childhood memories. As a child I had been there before with a school trip, There is a haunted house and we ended up going on it time after time. I still remember the exact route. It was funny to see how it hadn’t changed at all!

The children had fun in the bumper karts and the haunted house. The outside palyground was awesome but everything was wet. In the end they did go there, but I decided to stay inside nice and warm with chocolatemilk. Besides I’m 18 and a bit to old for slides. I would’ve gone on them if the weather was better though as they were very high!

I hope you liked this trip report and I’ll see you next saturday! Have you ever been to a birdpark?




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