Monthly Goals

Ronna Talks: February

Hello everyone,

Wow 2 months of 2017 have already passed! We’re getting closer to the summer. I honestly cannot wait to swap my sweaters for tank tops and t-shirts. Don’t get me wrong I love sweaters but at one point you’ve seen them right? You’ve worn the same sweater over and over all your summer clothes are staring at you like: wear me! Or is it just me? Anyway if you’re subscribed to Noobbellas you probably  know that I had this monthly post called Looking back at… I’m going to continue that over here but in a new jacket! c:

This February was not very special. Even though I had a week off, nothing really happened. This is the first month of me using my Bullet Journal and it honestly is something I really like to do! Oh and how could I forget! This was the first month of my new blog!


I am not someone who gets a new nail polish or a new mascara every month. Mainly because it takes way too long to finish the nail polish an my mascaras and beside that if I’m keen on one product I usually buy it again… This month I did however get a few favourites!

  1. Lipscrub from the Hema
    I absolutely love how soft my lips feel after them, besides I have always wanted a lipscrub and this one was only 4 euros! I frequently have dry and broken lips and honestly this is a bit of a solution.
  2. My tubes
    The amount of messages I got after sending out and snapchat including the text my new tubes is huge. I got these tubes for a photography project and I honestly can’t wait until the weather gets better so that I can go outside and actually start the project!
  3. My picture frames
    I finally have some shelves on my walls and 2 out 0f 3 are still empty therefore I bought 2 picture frames. I only have forgotten one thing: I already had purple on my frames and I went with an absolutely different color. Oops
  4. My plant pots
    They’re from my work and they basically were almost thrown away so fortunately I could buy them for 50 cents! I love the color but once again forgot about the purple on my shelves.. I’ll figure it out haha!
  5. Bellona chocolade
    Okay I have always been addicted to Kinder Bueno’s. Unfortunately they are a bit expensive but I have found a replacement. Bellona tastes exactly the same and it it waaay cheaper. I’m sorry for my international readers as I’m not sure if they’re being sold anywhere else. I got them from the ‘Lidl.’

February happenings

Like I’ve said this month wasn’t very special. I finished up this big project and I’m glad that’s over. The highlight of this month actually was a birthday party of a friend because beside that haven’t done anything.

Books read

Openly Straight by Bil Konigsberg    4/5 stars
Hersenschimmen by J. Bernlef          3/4 stars

Music on repeat

This month has been good on the music field. There were many songs that have been on repeat however I would like some new music now (Thank you Ed Sheeran for your album release haha!) Here is what I’ve listened to:

How far I’ll go ny Auli’i Cravalho
Another Mans Eyes by Andy Jordan
Water under the Bridge by Adele
Never give up by Sia
Raging by Grace Grundy
Chained to the Rhytm by Katy Perry

March goals

Yes the goals are continuing as well! There will be a small modification, I will post 5 goals instead of 10. 10 was a little bit too much. I had months were I basically did not had any goal inspirations.

  1. Train
    No, I will not train insanely hard for the perfect summer body as I never really do that. The only rhing I work on is a tan hehe. However this time I will train, mainly because I have found this small 3 minute exercise. I can miss 3 minutes of my life by training. Beside that I have joined a group for a planking challenge. You know those monthly things. I’m doing this because it is good for your sleep schedule if you actually use all your energy. Not that I have much energy but that has to do with it too probably.
  2. Go outside and take pictures
    I’ve been wanting to do this so long! Unfortunately the weather was awful whenever I had spare time. I’d like to take my bicycle and just see wherever I end up. With my camera obviously.
  3. Finish the 2nd chapter of my book
    Which is on Wattpad, but hey it is still a book right? Anyway I’m translating and improving my previous story and I haven’t written in a loooong time.
  4. Study die hard
    The last exam week (It’s so odd how ‘tentamens’ are translated to ‘exams’ In Dutch ‘examen’ means finals so it confuses me a little bit but these aren’t finals. They’re still important though and it is my last change to get my grades up before entering the actual finals. Beside that I can’t do it over and my grades aren’t that high.
  5. Finish my drawing
    I have recently started a drawing and this actually is the first time that I’m only using a picture instead of an actual drawing. However it looks horrible, yet I have to continue it. Practise, practise, practise. And perhaps the result will look more okayish. Hopefully.

How was your month and do you have any goals for the upcoming month? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about you!






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