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Bullet Journal Inspiration

Hello everyone,

I know it is already February but honestly why wait when you can already start? Therefore Iimg_20170217_171116.jpg decided to create a bullet journal and you can still make one as well! I was seeing so many creative and usefull Bullet journals and I always thought that I would not need one because I never really make to do lists (My life isn’t that interesting) but soon I learned that you can do waayy more with a bullet journal! In this post I’d like to show you my bullet journal and perhaps give you a little inspiration! Remember it is never to late to start something!

For my bullet journal I bought a cute notebook from ‘Hema.’ They have absolutely gorgeous notebooks but I’d recommend to buy a notebook with slightly thicker pages. If you’re working with a fineliner like I did, it might get to through the paper. 200 pages must be enough!

You do not need a lot for a Bullet Journal. I did make a list anyway.Here’s the things tou might need:

  • Notebook
  • Pencils
  • Fineliners (Black and colored)

img_20170217_171124.jpgOn to the pages!

  • About me
  • Key
  • Index
  • Birthdays
  • Books I’ve read
  • Bucketlist
  • My happiness box
  • Series
  • Passwords
  • Year in Pixels
  • Months

I do not have a picture of About me, Key and Passwords. Because the first two pages aren’t finished yet and the last one already contains passwords hehe.

Here is my bullet journal:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes I know the Index says Books I’ve read and the actual page says Books Read in 2017. That is a mistake I have just spotted x3. Beside that I apologize for the flipped pictures. If only WordPress had a feature to turn pictures. I also did not write down all of my series, only the ones that I still have to catch up otherwiste I would need way more pages!

There are obiously way more pages and if you are looking for more inpsirations I’d recommend to look on pinterest!

I hope you like this post! Have a nice weekend!



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