How to survive a cold

Hello there,
First off, I’m sorry for the lack of paragraphs. For some reason they do not appear, they only do in draft mode and I have no idea how to fix it.
Yes it is that time of the year again. The time where it is around 0 degrees celsius, where people sneeze all around you and the time where there are runny noses everywhere. How nice. It certainly has gotten to me: a cold. Twice already in one month. Yup. As someone who has a cold very often, like 50% of the year (With the exeption of this year and last year, I suprisingly didn’t get a cold that often), I decided to give you some tips on how to survive a cold!
First off, if you have to work/go to school, I’d recommend taking a acetaminophen aka a paracetemol before you’re going there. It decreases pain and one of the symptoms of a cold is pain. Everywhere. Your head, your body everywhere and this helps to survive the day until you get back home!
After the long day the relaxation begins. My second recommendation is to drink tea. It usually opens up the nostrils, it soothes your throat and besides it delicious. Soup might also help! It is important to stay hydrated!
You might not feel like it or you totally do it depends on you but a shower can be very relieving. It’s nice and warm and it usually opens your nose. I always feel a little bit more energentic after a shower even when I have a cold! Another tip: put some peppermint oil drops in the warm water. This helps to relieve headaches.
Up next, Netflix and chill. Like literally rest is very important to get rid of a cold. Wrap yourself up in a blanket, pour yourself some hot tea and relax by binge watching your favourite series or perhaps watch a movie. (okay it might be better to just go to sleep, but what’s the fun in that?)
Another thing I cannot live without when I have a cold is nose spray. If there’s one thing I can’t it is sleeping with a blocked nose. Now as we know, rest is important for getting rid of a cold. Thus I’d recommend nosespray for the nights or even for during the day so that you can focus on your school or on your work. Do not use it longer than a week though otherwise you might get ”addicted” like getting addicted to chapsticks.
Last but not least it’s better to get rid of it so keep blowing your nose! Petroleum jelly helps whenever your nose gets sore. There are also special tissues that do not hurt the skin around your nose.
Hopefully you can use these tips against your cold. Hang in there for a little longer, the spring is on its way!

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