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Hello there,

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Sharon, yes my name is not Ronna however some of my friends call me Sharona. Now I was not very content with Rona, yet Ronna did really speak to me. So there it was: Ronna’s Eternal Journey.

Some of you might know me from Noobellas. I used to co-own that yet it did not really feel like my blog, it felt more like i was the feat. Beside that I am a control freak and those two things lead to this.

If you want to get to know me better, check out my ”About me” page! What can you expect of this blog? Well I’m not that experienced in anything therefore this blog will be a little bit about everything. You can expect trip reports from traveling, and themeparks, book reviews, movie review, outfit inspiration, DIY, monthly goals and way more. I will post every Saturday at 9am!

I hope you will like this blog. I will start writing here in February as I will leave Noobbellas at the end of this month. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day



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