[Review] Bubble Mask for €0.33,-

*This post is NOT sponsored, so below you will find my honest opinion* Hiya, Testweek is over (for me), and after weeks of having studied non-stop, I decided it was time for a good old-fashioned skin-care routine! Bubble masks are something I have wanted to try ever since the famous meme went around. It looked…… Continue reading [Review] Bubble Mask for €0.33,-

Monthly Goals

[Ronna Talks] October: Monthly Goals and Favourites

Hiya, Merry Christmas everybody! I’m just kidding, but damn I am ready for Christmas now that it is getting colder outside. The Christmas section at my work is almost finished as well, so it is very tempting to be confronted with all kinds of Christmas decorations haha! Anyway, it is time to pull the sweaters…… Continue reading [Ronna Talks] October: Monthly Goals and Favourites


9 Things to do in the Costa Dorada, Spain

Hi there! Summer has already come to an end, but travelling is something one can do throughout the whole year. This year I had the pleasure to visit Spain, and obviously, that leads to a 9 Things to do in-post! As Spain is a rather big country, this blog post will only cover the Costa…… Continue reading 9 Things to do in the Costa Dorada, Spain


The Wonderful World of Tinder [Part 2]

Hiya, A few months have passed since my first wonderful world of Tinder post, which you can find over here, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t come across any creepy guys on Tinder. For real, why do I still have this app? Let’s just say I keep it for the sake of the blog.  So…… Continue reading The Wonderful World of Tinder [Part 2]

Monthly Goals

[Ronna Talks] September: Favourites & Monthly Goals

Hello everybody, It is time for another monthly overview. Wow, September flew by for me, can you relate? Not even a month ago I was still walking around in shorts and tank tops, and now I’m wearing sweaters. As much as I like the aesthetic of Autumn, I really don’t like the actual Autumn (a.k.a…… Continue reading [Ronna Talks] September: Favourites & Monthly Goals